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  1. I appreciate this function for presenting the document, but this doesn't really solve the problem I am having. While I am writing notes on the single note view for Windows I would like to be able to hide the toolbars I marked in my attachment like in the OSX version. Thanks anyways.
  2. Windows 7 This is much more than 10%. See attachment. Windows should have the same option as Mac to hide all of this unnecessary space.
  3. As an Evernote user who writes Evernotes on a laptop, I like to save screen real estate whenever possible. Most applications, especially those that are built with the purpose of reading and writing text, provide users with the option of hiding toolbars. The multiple Evernote toolbars occupy approx three inches of unmodifiable grey space, so while I ruin my eyes reading my notes I have the pleasure of also having a redundant customized toolbar filled with icons, whose keyboard shortcuts I have memorized or never use. The ability to effectively modify toolbars won't confuse or lose users, but the inability to read your text without going into presentation mode or copying and pasting into a more user-friendly application such as Notepad or Microsoft Word will. I heard this complaint before. Thanks, Justin
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