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  1. Hi there, it's the new year and here I am to report the same issue on my Windows 10. I'm coming from OneNote, which has a smooooooooooooooooth scrolling but its Android app lacks the ability to search for text within my notes (which is a big issue for me) so I'm checking Evernote out. Version is and my mouse scrolls around 3 times the setting I select in my mouse options. So i brought it down to "1 line" per scroll, but it makes my whole PC a pain to scroll. The "About" page scrolls just fine, so the problem is just within the notes themselves. Would be great to make this Evernote more usable (also text selection is pretty slow), maybe not necessary to have the supersmooth scrolling that can be found in OneNote, still make it not jump several lines as to lose where you are in your document. No big deal, though: if someone doesn't feel in any way satisfied with this product there are plenty of options out there (I'll just go back to OneNote and live without the text search, but at least I won't lose myself within my notes and I'll have offline notes for free). To Evernote, my €19,90 is worth almost nothing (I'd pay it for the offline notes), so everyone will be happy whether I use Evernote or OneNote
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