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  1. Yes, this is exactly the functionality I'm looking for. Being able to markup PDF's and images from WITHIN Evernote on Android without the need for a 3rd party app. It really just needs to be on feature parity with the iOS version in this regard.
  2. Hi Matt, Thanks for considering this functionality. I hope it's something that could be added. Thanks Mike
  3. Hi Matt, Thanks for the response. I only recently got the Android table and therefore never downloaded Skitch, which is no longer available. So that isn't an option for me. I tried the other 3 apps you mentioned but found they all had the same limitation. That being that they are unable to modify a PDF or image that lives in Evernote. What I want to do is: 1) Open a note in Evernote 2) Edit the image with some 3rd party editor 3) Any edits should be saved back into the original Evernote note However all 3 of these apps require the following: 1) Open the note in Evernote 2) Edit the image with some 3rd party editor 3) Save the modified image to local/remote storage (outside of Evernote) 4) Go back into Evernote and manually delete the original image 5) Find, open and add the modified image from local/remote storage back into the original Evernote note To be honest this is so clunky and time consuming that it's not a viable option for me. Any other thoughts on how to do this? I sure would love to see Evernote itself handle this without the need for a 3rd party app. Thanks for your thoughts, Mike
  4. Thanks for the reply. Given that Skitch is no longer available in the Google Play store, are there any other solutions that anyone would recommend. I'd like to be able to markup PDF's and Images using the S-Pen and have that saved in the same Evernote note. As a side note, this seems to functionality that exists in Evernote on other platforms, does anyone know if the upcoming Evernote Android Beta supports this? Thanks, Mike
  5. Hi, I've been using Evernote on a MAC and iOS device but recently started using it on Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I'd like to be able to annotate PDFs and images that are in Evernote using the Galaxy's S-Pen. I see that Skitch seemed to be the way to do this before, but it's being end-of-lifed. How is this done now? Thanks in advance for any and all help, Mike
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