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  1. I was trying not to confuse the issue. But I do often review documents in annotation mode as for some reason it gives better performance.
  2. Hi, If I'm annotating a note and then I click on the main Evernote window (for example, to cross-reference something I just read) it interrupts the annotating window. This is very disruptive to my workflow. Is there any way to disable this behavior? See here for a concrete example of what I'm referring to:
  3. It would be great if Evernote had an option somewhere to turn on page numbers in the sidebar of the (full-screen) annotation window. If I have to jump around in the PDF I have to remember which page I was on or what it looks like in the thumbnail. If instead I could simply remember I'm on page 3 that would make things easier. Alternatively, you could add a "Back" button similar to a web browser.
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