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  1. This issue has been fixed by the latest update! Thanks, Austin, for your time.
  2. I'd like to see a feature I would use a lot o my touchscreen laptop: being able to scroll using the flick of a finger. Now, when I flick with the finger, it highlights the text so I have to use the trackpad instead... Evernote Touch would be wonderful... however, at this moment, that app doesnt support hi-res screens, therefore the font is very tiny.
  3. I'm using version I realized that when I click after I have CTRL+F'd, it goes to the next Search item. That's why I was noticing it would scroll up or down...
  4. Hello! So what fixed this to be honest was installing a newer build of Windows 10, because my PC was in repair. After this, Evernote is now fully hi-res supported. Thanks very much to all those who replied!
  5. When I do CTRL+F to search for stuff within the same document and try to click wherever I want, the document scrolls up a lot, or scrolls down, my cursor doesnt go where I clicked it. I'm using Evernote on Windows 10 PC, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.
  6. Hello! It doesn't seem Evernote or Evernote Touch currently support high-DPI displays on Windows 10, as mine is 3200 x 1800. Evernote's text is readable but fuzzy. Evernote Touch's font is crisp clear, although very tiny. I would appreciate if Devs could work on this, because I have loved Evernote for years. Thanks!
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