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  1. Same Issue. I've tried various permutations of using Evernote web & Evernote Desktop with the same result. One thing I noticed which is bizarre is that it can successfully drag and drop from an Evernote Note to Apple's Notes App successfully, but not in anything else, even to desktop. On the desktop I get the same "Untitled Clipping" result. Tried to drag from Notes to Quickbooks Online and it fails because QB doesn't accept .tiff files, and Apple Notes apparently converts some images to tiff, which doesn't help me much. If I find a better workaround I'll post it here. Hopefully someone from Evernote can fix this... Update: SOLUTION FOUND I had a hunch while testing different configurations of dragging pictures out of evernote that maybe it only affects the Mac App Store version, which would also explain why many people have not been able to replicate this issue. So I uninstalled Mac App Store version of Evernote by dragging it to the trash from launchpad. I got the downloadable version from Evernote.com and installed it. After a lengthy wait for it to convert the database, dragging a picture out of Evernote works as before. I can drop a photo on the upload landing pad in the Quickbooks online software and it will upload directly. I can drag to the desktop to get a copy of just the photo.
  2. I FOUND A SOLUTION!! So I was having the same issue where I could not drag images out of Evernote to the desktop or to other apps such as Quickbooks. I was using the Mac App Store version. I don't know what the actual difference is, but I had an inspiration to uninstall the Mac App Store Version and then install the version downloaded from the Evernote website. This version doesn't have this problem. Either that or the conversion to the database that occurred when I opened the downloaded version fixed it. PS I am on 10.11.3 and I was using 6.4 of the Mac App Store version and switched to 6.4 of the downloaded version.
  3. I have also been having this issue for a while. On 6.4 now and issue persists. Using latest Evernote 6.4 and Mac OS 10.11.3
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