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  1. Not sure who thought (or wasn’t thinking at all) that it should be a good idea to not also change the keyboard over to Apple’s dark keyboard when using Evernote’s dark mode. There is nothing like using a blaringly bright white and grey keyboard at night when you’re just trying to drop a thought down in Evernote’s dark mode. Please adjust this!
  2. Come on now, Evernote team. How hard would this be to implement? Shouldn't be too hard. Seems like Evernote thinks they know what's better for us than we do. How about this.. Charge us $1 for the dark theme. You'd make a fortune.
  3. For instance, you could have a long note that you continually go back to and work on or something that is a work in progress that stickies to the top of your 'all notes' or 'notebook' lists. That way, when you start a new note, the one you continue to work on won't be pushed down. This seems like it could be implemented fairly easily and would be mighty useful for users.
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