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  1. Thank you both JMichaelTX and csihilling. I'll take your advice and search on backup. I like what you said csihilling, about backing up Notebooks to ENEX files. Seems to me, however, that might encourage keeping Notebooks relatively smaller than we might otherwise. But as you suggested, I'll move this conversation to a backup thread. Julliette
  2. Thank you for responding. Problem solved by your suggestion, terrific!, thank you! It's odd though. I did try closing Evernote before posting this and re-opening it and that didn't solve the problem, but when I just tried it again, it worked. So that begs the question: Is there a difference between simply using the close window icon (in the upper right corner of the window) which I did before (that didn't work) vs using the File > Exit menu item as I just did (that did work)? I was under the impression those two ways of closing a program were the exact same; am I wrong? FYI: T
  3. I'd like to move towards paperlessness too, and have been putting alot of my data into Evernote. But I had a scare the other day when I thought I lost some notes and researched how I'd be able to restore those notes from my backups. I was dismayed to realize that a restore from backup would be an all-or-nothing proposition with many negative side-effects. This made me realize that if I'm going trust shredding originals after I've scanned them in Evernote, I want a way to backup my data in a more granular, readily retrievable way in case I'd mistakenly delete a notebook or some notes I p
  4. Suddenly I can't see the Notebook and tag list in the left panel as I usually do. The left panel is now blank. I tried closing and reopening Evernote. I've never had this problem before. In the View menu, Show left panel is checked. But when I click on Show Notebooks or Show tags, nothing happens, the panel remains blank. I'm confounded!
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