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  1. @gazumped: Thank you for your quick response! It appears that will do the trick! I appreciate your help. @DTLow: Is Evernote Version 6.25 not consider the "Evernote Legacy product?" It's what I've been using all along.
  2. Hi All, I'm using Evernote Version 6.25 on Windows. How can I prevent Evernote getting upgraded to v 10? I had thought that I'd have to act to upgrade to the new Evernote so I thought I could hold off until I'm ready (and until the new Evernote has the features I value as a longtime power user). But yesterday I opened Evernote on my second computer and found that it had been upgraded automatically (ARRGHHH!). I defintely don't want that to happen on my main computer!!!! Please advise how I can be sure to keep Legacy Evernote! I'd really appreciate help on this, Julliette
  3. Thank you for responding. Problem solved by your suggestion, terrific!, thank you! It's odd though. I did try closing Evernote before posting this and re-opening it and that didn't solve the problem, but when I just tried it again, it worked. So that begs the question: Is there a difference between simply using the close window icon (in the upper right corner of the window) which I did before (that didn't work) vs using the File > Exit menu item as I just did (that did work)? I was under the impression those two ways of closing a program were the exact same; am I wrong? FYI: Toggling F10 on and off didn't fix the problem.
  4. Suddenly I can't see the Notebook and tag list in the left panel as I usually do. The left panel is now blank. I tried closing and reopening Evernote. I've never had this problem before. In the View menu, Show left panel is checked. But when I click on Show Notebooks or Show tags, nothing happens, the panel remains blank. I'm confounded!
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