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  1. many thanks for your quick reply/follow-up, Indeed, appreciated. Actually, whilst the upload counter (days) has re-set, the limit has not. In other words, I reached the limit, say, on day 25 of the previous month, and then I waited (as I always do) for the days counter to re-set and start again fresh. This time, the system had a mis-behavior in the sense that the days re-set, but the limit never changed...I have gone into the link that you suggested (which I tried in the first instance, also, before I posted here), but I do not seem able to make any progress. You suggest that I post the ticket number, but I don't know why but I am not able to do that. How does a normal human being get in touch with Evernote Support? I guess from what you are saying that I am on my own here, right? Frankly, I have not had to use Support before, but it seems to me that when one needs help, that is when one realises that help is not available...
  2. Hello, gazumped and many thanks for your message. I confirm that, for good order's sake, I have not only exited, but I have, also, un-installed and re-installed the application. It works & syncs perfectly, but the account seems to be "blocked" at the max limit of 60 MB, whilst the days counter is working well. I am using Win 10, which I have installed since the summer last year, and until last month, everything was working perfectly/seemlessly thanks again, and I am looking forward to getting some guidenace in resolving this peculiar issue
  3. I am a user of the free edition of Evernote for 3+ years now. For the first time, my 60 Mb monthly limit does not re-set. It has been showing me, correctly, that I reached my limit about a week ago, and when the counter reached zero days (with the mimit being reached), it started again counting down from 30 without allowing me the access to the new monthly limit. Therefore, I am un-able to make any more uploads.
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