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  1. Thank you DTLow, I didn't realize IOS version was so different. Unfortunately it is not an option for me to take 10-20 pictures with the phone camera for import. It's too time consuming and impractical. My workflow is complicated enough already :)
  2. Gazumped, thank you for responding to my question on Thanksgiving. I really appreciate it. I am a contractor and when I have an appointment with a customer I use Evernote to take multiple pictures with my Galaxy S7. Then I use iPad pro to show those pictures to my customers and make annotations right on the photos. The unfortunate part about the resolution is that I have limited ability to zoom in and show my customer some details. By the way, I'd love to test the idea to switch the camera from Evernote to phone but unfortunately there does not seem to be such option in the settings. Than
  3. Does evenote offer ANY control over photo resolution when pictures are taken on Galaxy S7?
  4. OlegCS

    Other Notes with Reminders

    I was in list view but when I changed to Snippet and unchecked "show recently completed reminders" I could still see them.
  5. OlegCS

    Other Notes with Reminders

    Thank you for your responseDTLow. It is not the case on Windows platform or I am not aware of some settings.
  6. OlegCS

    Other Notes with Reminders

    Anyone knows how to tell if a note with reminder was completed or not? They disappear on the mobile widget but there is no difference on windows program.
  7. Not an option on Android. If not re-size at minimum I'd like the note window to scale down the picture preview like browsers do.
  8. I see DTLow. I am trying not to use too many apps. I am already using TurboScan and Barcodes for Evernote, and a few other apps specific to my business. Is there an app that would allow me to run a large number of appointments with some text and picture content and be searchable like Evernote?
  9. JMichaelTX, thank you for your response. I am very new to evernote and not sure how to create a table. I can figure it out but these are the problems I am trying to solve: 1 I am a contractor and when I have an appointment with a customer I take 10-15 pictures right into the new note body and title it with the address of the property and also add customer name, phone number and my notes into the body of the note. Is there a better way to track appointments with Evernote? I have between 3 and 10 appointments per week. 2 When I take pictures they are huge. My Galaxy S6 takes 16mp
  10. Hi everyone, I am having trouble previewing pictures in evernote. The pictures are 14mp and evernote does not downscale them for preview. Are there any settings that will allow me to easily see photos in the note body?
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