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  1. Thank you DTLow, I didn't realize IOS version was so different. Unfortunately it is not an option for me to take 10-20 pictures with the phone camera for import. It's too time consuming and impractical. My workflow is complicated enough already :)
  2. Gazumped, thank you for responding to my question on Thanksgiving. I really appreciate it. I am a contractor and when I have an appointment with a customer I use Evernote to take multiple pictures with my Galaxy S7. Then I use iPad pro to show those pictures to my customers and make annotations right on the photos. The unfortunate part about the resolution is that I have limited ability to zoom in and show my customer some details. By the way, I'd love to test the idea to switch the camera from Evernote to phone but unfortunately there does not seem to be such option in the settings. Thanks again for your time.
  3. Does evenote offer ANY control over photo resolution when pictures are taken on Galaxy S7?
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