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  1. Same here, Firefox and Linux Mint Sylvia.
  2. Same here. Hope they come to a fix soon, since Firefox is a major browser.
  3. A thing that annoys me since the update that brought us templates into note editing is the fact that, if I accidentally tap on the empty space below 'Templates' in an empty note - or if my keyboard on the phone doesn't show up fast enough and I tap somewhere else in the empty space of the note - I need to tap in the first line of the note to make it editable again. Sometimes I even need to tap the first line to start editing the note anyway, even after clicking the green floating option to create a text note. I don't understand why are there those inconsistencies that allow, for example, two behaviours when I need to create and start writing a new note. It is a major loss regarding intuitive use of phone, since before that we could tap on the empty space of the note to start editing it. First I thought it was a minor thing, but comparing with other apps, it means comfort and ease of use when you are on the go and want to create a note fast, to leave all of the empty space as a "tappable" space to start writing. Not infrequently I have to tap tap two or three times before realising I have to touch on the first line only, ignoring a huge space that was once touchable. When you think of speed regarding note taking, it's serious concern. I really wish the team could revise that in following updates, maybe leaving an option for templates in the big green balloons of the first editing menu (along with audio, photo, etc). To be honest I never use templates when I need to take a note fast of an idea or something else on the go. It should be clean and fast note taking as default.
  4. It's all solved. I decided to try EN chat. It was a sync issue, according to them, and they solved it almost instantly. All normal now. Thanks!
  5. I don't think the new web version is a beta version since there is an actual beta version for the tests. The new web version is intented to be reliable, even if it is still updating features tested in the beta.
  6. I am logged into the exact same account. There are some shared notebooks that are showing, but only that. That's really crazy. If I switch back to the old, it's all there. It's an issue with the new Web Version that I haven't had before, and that's the weirdest thing. I've always used the new web version without any issues.
  7. Hello, Since yesterday I'm trying to use EN Web but older notes are not showing, I mean, ALL of my notes are gone, including shortcuts, notebooks... except for the ones created from yesterday on. Only in the new Evernote Web. When I switch to the old, they are all there. They are also accessible via EN Desktop. Anyone with the same issue? It seems like I just bumped into Evernote, it's almost totally blank. Thanks!
  8. Hello gazumped, thanks a lot. I could find a few through Google but I wasn't sure if they were trustable. I have figured it out I could locate Evernote in Galaxy Apps. It doesn't show in Google Play Store but it still shows in Galaxy Apps. I'm running it already. It's version 7.12. Now I don't know if I keep it or if I go for the version 8.0 through the APK. I just use this old tablet when I participate in meetings and talks, so I find it important to have offline notes with text that I can use in those meetings, after working on them in my laptop. So, if anyone is using an old Samsung device running Android, and looking for apps that don't show in the Play Store, try Galaxy Apps (I could find Twitter also in there, because it is not available in the Play Store either).
  9. Hello, I've recently started to use an old Jelly Bean Android device, a Samsung tablet, so I can take it with me during short work travels. I want desperately to install EN in it but it does not accept the new version. Do you know where could I find a trustable apk for a Jelly Bean friendly version? Thanks!
  10. Search is perfect with the last recent update. Thank you, Evernote! I don't know if we had that earlier on Android versions, but now when I search Google on my smartphone (via Google search bar widget) I get results from my notes in Evernote also. That's just amazing!!
  11. Yes, they are lightning fast in 8.8. I made the downgrade and now I'm back in Paradise. Let's see if they work quick on a fix so we can all finally update.
  12. I tried to get a refund based on the problem, until it gets fixed, but they said it is not possible because of their terms. Unfortunately I can't unsubscribe because of the storage and browsing PDFs, but it would be a kind gesture, to compensate users somehow.
  13. Yes, that's really shocking since it is one of the primary functions of EN. I've took some time until I discovered it wasn't a connection issue, and I lost a lot of time waiting for a search result until I finally saw those reports in here. I'll downgrade soon. Important to mention, perhaps, that I tried first to reinstall the current version, and while it was still syncing, after installing, the search works, but after sync completes it is gone for good.
  14. I'm having problems with search on current Evernote version for Android, 8.9. Went on chat these days and they send me the step by step provided in this thread, to downgrade to previous version after uninstalling it through Google Play Store, and installing an APK through their link. They say they recommend this downgrade since the new version has bugs. I'm not comfortable with installing APKs in my phone because I don't know how they work on the system. Or would it be ok to do it? They say it's not harmful and that I can later update it through Google Play Store when a fixed release is available.
  15. @Scott T., thank you very much for your reply. I've read Ian's post, I totally agree with the priorities. It's great to know there's hope for Linux and that it is a concern that'll be addressed soon. Let's move on, and long live EN!
  16. @DTLow, what I really want is to be able to work offline, and Evernote has practically everyting I need, from everywhere I gather, PDF libraries, plannings, ideas... That's the main reason. Regarding the web version differences, I like the new interface, closer to the desktop experience, and the fact it incorporates full tables options and templates.
  17. Thanks for your post, since it reveals good alternatives to Evernote for Linux. I'm a Linux user myself and have been struggling with the EN web version for years. I had to install Chrome to have full new interface for the web version, and everytime I need a reminder or access stacks, I have to switch back to the old version, which is a terrible solution for an app that should work seamlessly. I tried Nixnote desktop, but it's not at all a substitute for EN desktop (besides, there are compatibility issues with formatting, font sizes, etc.)
  18. @Scott T., thanks for your information regarding the (lack of) Firefox new web client and the updates on a Linux Client. I hope that with all the changes that EN have faced in 2018, we Linux users could really have some hope. Regarding Firefox support for the new web client, are there any updates?
  19. That is weird! And I can't understand why there's no more support for Firefox. I don't know if this is part of the rebranding decisions, but I really hope they revise Chrome/Safari only support for the latest updates, specially with those weird security breaches.
  20. Hello, I'm a heavy Evernote user and a Premium subscriber. I'm also a Linux user in some of the computers I use, and I was surprised to see that newest updates on the web version are not compatible to Firefox (the newest Firefox!). I'm forced to use Chrome/Safari or use an older version if I insist on Firefox. I find it extremely disappointing to Firefox users and a nod to Linux users that a desktop solution for Linux - something that we are waiting for years - is being totally dismissed. I really hope is something temporary and I would like to hear if other users or Evernote employees can offer other - and more hopeful - information on this topic. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello, For the Linux users of NixNote out there: is there a way to sync the Shortcuts/Favorites from Evernote? There's a Shortcuts panel in the left of the NixNote screen, but it doesn't show anything, not even showing a dropdown arrow. Has anyone managed to sync your shortcuts to NixNote successfully? I can sync everything except the shortcuts. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello smalo, I don't know any calendar with that function that integrates with Evernote, except for the deceased Sunrise (which is now part of the Outlook family). You could try Chronofy (mentioned earlier), but it only creates an external calendar link (like Google Calendar) when you set a Reminder. The calendar template in Evernote doesn't have that integration, it is only text. You could also use Swipes, which integrates with Evernote, but maybe it would be easier to use an app like Google Keep along with Evernote. I wrote about it earlier in this topic: I hope you find it useful!
  23. Great, thank you all. I'll definitely have folders/subfolders structure in another service and use the Evernote "backup" to store only the important files and documents that I need for quick search (books, projects, personal docs, etc).
  24. Thank you DTLow. You are right, it sounded like I was going to move whole chunks of files into Notes, and that's not the case. Think of it as a "smart backup". Nothing like a Time Machine or automatic mirroring, but simply the organized storage of files in a categorized way (thus, Evernote). Only important stuff, reference files, books and every material that I'd like to see in a organized manner.
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