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  1. Hear, hear to this feature request. Is there an official channel for suggestions like this? I do a lot of audio interviews for work. I usually record the interview in Evernote and take typed notes at the same time. Once I've handed in the assignment, I don't want to delete these text/audio notes in the rare (but not unheard of) case that I ever need to refer back to them. But I don't want them in my "All Notes" view. An Archive function would great: Get the note out of sight without consigning it to the Trash. An alternative would be a "Hide Notebook" function. That way, you could create your own Archive notebook and suppress it from general view. Maybe Evernote is concerned that this would make overcautious, preservationist folks like me more inclined to archive notes instead of deleting them outright? As it stands now, though, I have tons of notes in the Trash that have yet to be deleted, so it's not as if I'm freeing up much space as things stand. Seems strange that Evernote spent all that time and effort on Peek, Hello, Food, Work Chat, etc. and didn't implement a straightforward and useful feature like this.
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