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  1. ...and while I don't mind paying $5 for the application, it would be nice to be able to test it first...
  2. for all those asking why you'd need a way to export html when it's provided natively within the app....simple....have you tried it? It's pretty *****. When you export to HTML the resulting document is just one massive html page with all your notes crammed onto it. There is no real structure apart from the fact that each note is separated by a line. If you wanted to publish your notebooks/notes for non-Evernote users to peruse, the native HTML layout is horrid. I was about to ditch Evernote until I saw this thread. Basically I need to provide a way for other non-Evernote users to view my notebooks in a structured format that's easy to navigate and that is understandable. On a sidenote, it's a shame you can't add stacks within a stack. While I get that it's all about being pure and all that other mumbo jumbo, just listen to your user-base, there's a stack (pun intended) of people who would prefer it (and clearly need it) - anecdotally speaking of course. Such a simple function to add. Yes I know the rave is all about tags, but it doesn't mean the feature can't be added for those who need it.
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