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  1. This is a big issue for me, too. I submit a lot of text to wikis and platforms like GitHub, Redmine etc. that use wiki-like formatting (e.g. Markdown and Textile), and I prefer to write longer texts in Evernote first, and then copy+paste when finished. I need to have list items starting with "* ", lines with dashes like "----" etc. remain unchanged! It won't work otherwise. Having to press CTRL-Z every few seconds is extremely annoying! Please make the option to disable this available in the next version. I don't even need GUI, I would even change a registry key The fact that Evernote was plain-text friendly (e.g. with shortcuts for inserting text without formatting and without getting in your way too much while still offering convenience like auto-save, auto-sync etc.), was the main reason for me to adopt Evernote in the first place.
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