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  1. A Facebook friend asked for suggestions for carb-free, fruit-free breakfast suggestions. I posted a link for a breakfast recipe I have in Evernote. When I click on the link I shared, it worked like a charm. But I just wonder how practical this is since the link also opens access to the entire app, not just the recipe. Well, at least that's what I see from my home PC. Can someone from another computer, tablet or phone have the same access I do when I click on the link I provided?
  2. Simply saving a Word docx as a PDF file and importing it is less time-consuming than copying, pasting, and possibly formatting a document to my liking directly into a note. Personally, I don't have the need for attachments at this point, altough I'm sure it has its uses--even for putting Evernote to use as a personal collection of recipe files.
  3. I have a Windows phone which prompts me to choose Adobe or other app to open a pdf file.
  4. Ah, I noticed that a pdf file on the phone application had to be opened with Adobe Reader. And that's perfectly fine if I need to find ingredients in such a file while at the grocery store.
  5. I converted one of my recipes from MSWord into a pdf file and moved it to Evernote's import folder. Works like a charm. :-)
  6. JMichaelTX, Candid: I am using a PC, Windows 10. Since I prefer having my Dropbox notes in Evernote as whole documents as opposed to attachments, I will just continue cutting and pasting them into Evernote. It's not a chore I dislike; just thought there was a more direct way of getting Dropbox recipes into Evernote. But thank you for your responses. :-)
  7. Copying and pasting recipes from Word is what I've been doing. If this is what I have to continue doing with Word documents from Dropbox, I will do so. Just thought there might be another way. Thanks so much for your time and help.
  8. Here is the public link to the recipe from Dropbox.com. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8iltyigr55hkgu9/Emeril%27s%20Beef%20Ribs.docx?dl=0 I thought that I could use Evernote Web Clipper to insert the document in Evernote and have it appear like the recipes that I have clipped at various websites, e.g,, bonappetit.com, http://cooking.nytimes.com/, et.al. Instead, I get the garbled mess that doesn't make any sense. I was under the impression that if the document came from Dropbox.com, it would appear in its original format as is the case from other sites on the Internet.
  9. I've attached a file with three examples to illustrate what I am referencing. The first is an imported document, which is essentially a link to the original article. The second example is a recipe from the Food Network which was clipped by Evernote Web Clipper. The third, which is a mess, is a Dropbox.com document that was opened and clipped with the Evernote Web Clipper. Now if this is a matter of apples and oranges, fine. I just want to be sure there isn't something I am missing so I don't have to format a Word document and manually paste it into EverNote. Evernote Question.docx
  10. I have imported Dropbox files into Evernote, which is really simple. However, what is imported is a link that opens in MSWord, not a formatted page as one would from http://cooking.nytimes.com/. For instance, an imported carrot cake recipe from Dropbox results in a link to the file’s location (usually MSWord). However, a carrot cake recipe from the New York Times is a formatted document that appears in its original form in Evernote. And using the Evernote web clipper does not work at all on documents that are pulled up from Dropbox’s website. So, I am just wondering if there is something that I am missing to accomplish this, or if Evernote handles cloud service-based documents differently than documents from websites.
  11. Is there any way to copy formatted recipes from Dropbox to Evernote? I have tried Evernote Web Clipper to no avail. Evernote Web Clipper works fine with recipes from websites on the Internet, but I’ve had no such luck with files from my online Dropbox account. The two apps are linked through If This, Then That (IFTT), but only Dropbox links are transferred, not the actual document. To date, I’ve been copying and pasting Dropbox recipes into Evernote, which can be time consuming. If there’s a way to automatically do this, it would make my day.
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