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  1. I disagree. When I was having this problem, it was on a new, updated ThinkPad with an SSD.
  2. I was having a hanging / not responding problem also. I had 2 copies of the same account running on the same computer - one normal and one in a Virtual Machine of Win7. The VM worked great, the real machine just hung. (the last time I tried to get it running, it started after about an hour. I found another thread (which I can't find again) started in 2012. One suggestion was to turn off indexing in search and indexing. (I am running 7). I tried going to the control panel and turning it off under Turn Windows features on or off. (Mine was already off) I went to Services.msc and disabled the Windows Search service. Restarted Evernote and it came right up. Knock on wood. ... found the other thread...
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