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  1. Unfortunately, Evernote does not provide us with the option to highlight the text in different colors. Only available one is yellow. As a result, I write in Word, highlight my text in various colors and copy and paste in Evernote. This can be avoided if, Evernote added more color options. I believe it is a piece of cake in the hands of developers. Would take an hour to code it.
  2. I was referring to Windows YES. You know sometimes, you might leave open your Evernote in your PC open, and anyone can have access to it. It would be great to see a protection on certain notebooks, so say, your laptop was stolen, then everything is gone basically. Encryption is not enough unfortunately.
  3. In older versions, You could click a button on top of the attached pdf file in a note, and pdf file would instantly open in an Adobe Reader or Acrobate whatever. Now, pdf is kinda synced in, and you have to browse through it inside Evernote app. The only way I have found is to save as the file onto my computer and then open from the saved file. Do you know how I can open instantly the way before. I really did not like this new update
  4. PASSWORD protection in Evernote Windows immediately. We need to keep more of private files private please! this feature is a must-have.
  5. wish that feature was added as soon as possible. Shortcuts are available, so should pinned notes. I think Evernote is a bit slow in bringing new features.
  6. I wish I could see a development by Evernote so they can allow us to add password protected notebooks so no one can access them when we are not around. Certain things are very personal and private, therefore, I abstain myself from putting them in Evernote because such a service is not available. What is your take on this?
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