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  1. AGREED! This is a HUGE issue. How is it possible that this has not been fixed? A google search shows years of forum posts requesting this. The only way to replace the items in the "recent searches" list is to replace them with new dummy searches. An unbelievably lame solution to a huge security problem. PLEASE FIX THIS!
  2. @kgg THANK YOU! I never noticed/paid attention to that icon. Good to know.
  3. To answer my own question, it looks like Skitch.app has much better annotation tools and the text tool doesn't add borders around the letters by default. Using a separate app for text annotations isn't ideal, but certainly acceptable.
  4. How do I get rid of the black outline around the white text in this example. I don't want any outline/border on my text! Here's an example: https://www.evernote.com/l/ASgNhXlPCXJK75ZC_KjLcizPxE7gKzQKpyw
  5. @csihilling I'm not using the web browser version of Evernote, I'm using the desktop app on Mac OS.
  6. Is possible on the Macintosh with the help of a Services Menu plugin. Download the WordService.service from Devon Technologies (free). CalcService is also recommended. Also available on Macupdate Install the Service item into ~/Library/Services (Library may be invisible, and you may need to create Services folder) To show the Library folder, in Finder, hold down the Option key, and choose Go from the Finder Menu Bar and you'll see Library in the list. Open System Preferences and make sure the Sort Lines Ascending item is enabled (see attached) Log out. Log in an
  7. I too would like to choose a default view when I open Evernote. I would like to choose a specific notebook. The following example illustrates why this is a major privacy concern: I'm at work. I call a coworker over to my desk to show them a note in Evernote I have a notebook called—surprisingly enough—"Work". That's where I keep all my work notes. I open Evernote, and the coworker is standing behind me waiting to see my work note. Evernote opens, and immediately starts syncing. This causes the app to be unresponsive for just a few seconds. Meanwhile "All Note
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