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  1. Gleb, this is never going to happen. Evernote is too tone deaf to get it. I used to be a Premium subscriber, but got so frustrated by Evernote's stupidity that I started using MS OneNote. My prediction is that Evernote will go out of business before they change.
  2. I don't see any way to vote. Typical of Evernote, we are supposed to navigate its arcane machinations to tell them AGAIN what 99% of the comments heartily support -- adding a feature to let the user decide what image to show in the snippet. Maybe someone could teach customer support how to read, so that the gazillion pleas over several years are acknowledged (instead of ignored) and the feature is added. But I doubt it. When Evernote goes bankrupt it will only have itself to blame. I for one am done with this idiotic company.
  3. DT, your response is characteristic of Evernote's problem where they just ignore what users want and substitute their existing feature which is what everyone is complaining about. We don't want to have to use the little Orphan Annie decoder ring to figure how to get a particular image to show. Evernote just needs to show the top image or let us select the image that will show instead us having to do a bunch of file size manipulation everytime we add an image. What is unclear about this since it has been said ad nauseam?
  4. I have written about this until getting blue in the fingertips. No one is listening. Evernote keeps deleting my posts, but I won't be renewing my Premium membership because they are too stupid to fix this feature.
  5. I will not be renewing my subscription to Evernote unless this issue is fixed. After these many years, I don't hold out much hope, but we'll see.
  6. Interesting that all replies to my suggestion to drop Evernote seem to have been deleted. If people begin to cancel their subscriptions, I'm pretty sure Evernote will get the clue that they seem to have missed over the last half decade.
  7. Wow. The tone deafness on this issue by Evernote is truly appalling. I'm going to cancel my subscription if I can't select which image to show. Anybody with me?
  8. Okay, I'm confused. If I delete the notebook, how do I use it?
  9. Wow, this is remarkably frustrating. DOES IT REALLY TAKE MORE THAN 5 YEARS TO LISTEN TO YOUR USERS? Let us select which picture to show in snippet view! How hard can that be? This is idiotic.
  10. Actually, I've tried dragging and dropping from the desktop to the note and vice versa and Evernote does its own thing with the order. Does anyone know how Evernote decides what picture to pick for the thumbnail? Is there any way to specify the thumbnail? Will renaming the jpgs help?
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