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  1. I have this problem too, except that j/k and up/down work fine in Gmail. One thing I've seen that hasn't been reported, though: Enter doesn't work to open a highlighted message in Gmail. Disabling the clipper and reloading Gmail restores that functionality. (As a workaround, you can use lower-case o.)
  2. Sorry, one more feature request: 1. Don't retain my "logged in" status from one Windows session to the next, unless I say so. I'd rather be prompted for user name and password when starting a session, since I'm on a shared computer. The Evernote web app already works that way.
  3. One more feature request/bug fix note: 1. Please fix the Clipper when visiting sites running Auto-Graphics Verso software (a system various library systems use for their catalog and patron management functions). For example, if you go to https://wiscat.net/MVC/ with the Clipper enabled, the site keeps partially loading and then reloading, without ever finishing. I've already emailed Auto-Graphics about this.
  4. Thank you for Evernote and the Clipper. Please allow me to register my upvote as well. I would like to see these Web Clipper Chrome extension features reinstated: 1. Keyboard shortcuts. 2. Ability to customize keyboard shortcuts. 3. The note/comment field. 4. The folder search field. 5. Highlighting. 6. The ability to search for tags by typing any text that occurs in the tag name -- NOT JUST the beginning of the name. In addition, I would like these new features: 1. In past versions of the Clipper, about 10%-25% of the time I would often get a dia
  5. If this needs to be raised as an issue, I'd like to know how to do that, too. I was able to generate emails with an activity log (I may be wrong but I think one such email had the log for just the one note I selected, while the other one had my overall Evernote activity log), but no recipient address or subject line were filled in. I wasn't sure how to proceed.
  6. I forgot to add that I already had a working home screen shortcut before I started seeing this problem, but that shortcut stopped working (that's how I knew something was wrong in the first place). Unfortunately I've deleted the original shortcut, so I don't have as much debugging information for the Evernote team as I might have otherwise.
  7. I'm currently having no luck adding certain notes as shortcuts on my home screen. They get created, and when I tap on them, the Evernote app opens, but instead of opening to the note it opens up to either Notebooks or All Notes. Some notes do work perfectly. I have version 7.9.7. Is anyone else seeing this?
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