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  1. Hello Thanks so much for the fix. I am very happy with the current version so for the moment I will stay away form beta's Keep up the excellent work.
  2. Hello I am using Win 10 with all the latest updates. I also have the latest version of Evernote. I am glad that the developers are looking at the issue as the programme is almost unworkable right now. When I am editing a note the cursor jumps from the content area to the title area after a few characters are typed, as little as 3 will do it. Hope there is a fix soon.
  3. I like Evernote and use it all the time. Recently a problem has appeared when editing a note. After typing a few letters the cursor jumps to the title of the note and anything typed after this will be in the title rather than the content. I can't find how to fix it and wondered if I reinstalled the program would that fix it. However I don't want to loose my notes in the process. Any advice welcome.
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