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  1. Hi! So, let me see if I got it: I have a mobile phone with a lot of informations about my next travel. All these informations are concetrated in 4 or 5 notes. I use these notes a lot on my mobile phone (free account), so, because of it, they are always updated, not only with headers, but also with the content. If, before my travel, I open all these notes, make them updated, and want to have access to them later, when I don't have internet access, will I have access to all the things inside of it? I say that because here, at my home, if I turn my internet off and try to have access to these specific notes, they are full avaliable. But, since I'll be in another country, I'd be glad to know what access limitations I'd face. An important thing is: only I make changes on this document. So there won't be updates on the notes while I have no access. Summing up: Do I have access to an entire document offiline, even I have a free account, since this note was fully updated (opened) before in a mobile? Including photos and pdfs? Thanks
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