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  1. It's a bug report. Should I post this elsewhere? The problem is that Evernote cannot synch the note as shown in the error message. It claims the content was invalid. When I remove the Smiley the synch works.
  2. Evernote fails to synch due to 'invalid content'. I identified the smiley at the end of the first line being the problem (see screen shot).
  3. The headline of a note on iPad mini is only half visible, after closing and opening the note. Not even scrolling manually helps. Also it is really difficult to set the cursor into the headline to make changes. See screen shot.
  4. There are a number of issues with putting the cursor on a certain spot, marking text and checking off check boxes. For details see below, Oliver 1. Placing cursor to Smiley marks whole text When setting the cursor *by tapping* to the end of some of the lines below, the whole text is marked in red. A strange message is displayed. See attached screen shot. ? ffd? ? ffff? 2. Placing the cursor on a word looks for alternative words When placing the cursor on a single word, briefly you see th
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