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  1. I'm not sure you understand what we're asking for with regards to shared notebooks. First of all, 'user protections' are irrelevant here - the notebook has already been shared with the collaborator. Key word here is 'collaborator'. Granular permissions with regards to what collaborators can or can not do would be a welcome feature but at the very heart of what we're talking about is the fact that collaborators can, in only some circumstances, add tags to a shared notebook. A collaborator can add a tag to a notebook if that tag already exists in the owners collection of tags but a collaborator
  2. Hopefully now that Evernote is getting out of the notebook and wallet selling game they can focus on features that people actually find useful.
  3. It seems pretty clear from the number of posts requesting this functionality that UX suffers from this limitation. Would it not be reasonable to include this functionality as a configurable option? Making the assumption that users would benefit more from the absence of a feature based on a contrived use case doesn't seem like logical product design - Does Evernote at least have a story in their backlog to add this functionality or is this a lost cause?
  4. +1 Really disappointing that this functionality hasn't been added. It really limits the ability to collaborate using Evernote.
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