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  1. I'm not sure I 100% follow the group pricing plan. Has anyone used this and could shed some light? I currently have Evernote Plus. I am trying to introduce my wife to the product because I'd like for us to be able to share notebooks so we can handle daily chore organization better. I am also changing jobs and have thought about a separate account for my work. The pricing I seems to indicate $5 per group member. The yearly cost for an Evernote Premium account is $49.99. So if I was to buy three accounts that would be $149.97 a year. It seems that the group membership is $5 per group member, so three group members works out to be $180 a year. Am I missing the billing structure on this? It also seems strange when you try to investigate this more. The Evernote Sponsored Groups link takes you to the business page. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/12/08/sponsored-accounts-a-way-to-get-evernote-premium-for-groups-of-any-size/ shows how to access the info, but I don't currently have Premium, so I'm not sure if what is says in this article is still relevant. I do not see the things they talk about in my Plus account.
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