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  1. No worries, I appreciate your input on the apple scripts too. I'll look into that for the meantime.
  2. I respectfully disagree. Evernote's use of Reminders and checkboxes make it the perfect task management tool. I'm merely asking for a mobile app that reflects the reminders and checkbox design that already exists on the desktop version. The Evernote mobile version has reminders buried and checkboxes that are difficult to use. I also, as you have suggested, have the reminders saved search hack, and that precisely is what gave me the idea for this app.
  3. Some of us I know have been trying to use Evernote Reminders on a more dynamic level. Third party apps, though sync reminders and other evernote features, still bring in the issue of working outside of Evernote and not really syncing two ways. Here is an idea for maybe an Evernote labs work. I'm coming from an iOS mobile perspective, but this can be translated to desktop, so: Evernote should have a stand alone app that is designed in the reverse of the how the mobile app is designed now. Instead of leading with notes, this new app should be designed similar to wunderlist or a task app that organizes the notes upon the reminder dates. Also, the reminders time could be swipeable to change the date, send notifications and banner numbers. Features: - Notebooks or Tags can become Projects - Selectable notebooks become Projects or viewable - Focus Tasks are tagged and separated at the top screen - Checkboxes become subtasks - "more" or "view note" option on task to view original note - Work Chat appears with the related note, or separately - Swipe to complete, or swipe to change date or time logically ie tomorrow, this weekend, next week. - Upon reminder completion, the task either automatically stays in the notebook or moved to a "completed" notebook - Reminders fully sync - Milestone reminders for notes or projects to be done on the horizon - Search function The big issue now is Reminders are buried in the mobile app, and not really layed out in a logical manner. So, I get a notification, but it's not really layed out in a way I can return to the note later. Here is why Evernote should consider developing this. For me, Evernote serves tons of functions and it would be amazing to work on tasks in Context of other information. No other task or project management system can do that. Maybe I'm the only one that sees Evernote this way.
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