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  1. Also have this problem (it's been there as long as I can remember): 1) Generate any figure in Matlab 2) Copy figure via gui, or 'print -dmeta' 3) Paste into evernote: nothing happens Paste into word, powerpoint, mspaint etc. works. Probably something to do with windows enhanced metafile format (emf) - the image remains as some sort of vector graphic (can be seen if posted into inkscape for example), and -dmeta is the flag for printing emf more generally. Definitely niche, although I guess it's not just a Matlab specific problem. Recent Matlab versions actually enable specifying the clipboard output format: Equivalent to what I wrote above, and matlab does by default if you use the gui to copy a figure (I guess): print('-clipboard','-dmeta); However you can now do this: print('-clipboard','-dbitmap'); %this is the workaround (just to highlight) Which is actually directly pastable into EN. For some reason -dpdf behaves like -dmeta (doesn't work)... but won't worry about that.
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