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  1. First, it was not my intention to post this in a public forum, but after an hour of searching the web, I was unable to come up with a single email address. Please forward this to whinever you feel it's appropriate for and remove it from here. Thank you very much. Hi, Highly doubt you'll ever see thos, but thought I'd give it a shot. First, let me just say I've loved Evernote for years. Off and on have had premium subscriptions over the years as well as just an Evernote plus subscription. My one pet peeve has always when the lack of dividers inside of notebooks, and I know many people share this complaint, and I also know you guys adamantly stand by your flat tag structure and, even though I think I'd prefer dividers and do not understand why you don't just supply both, I'm still here. When Microsoft made OneNote free, I played with that for a couple months thinking maybe it was time to move. They of course have dividers, but they don't have near the web clipping features you guys do and there are times I use that a lot for researching my novels. So I stayed with Evernote. Okay, so let me just get this off my chest: I am a little upset with your new policy to suddenly only let me sync two devices. I USUALLY only use two devices, but the beauty of your product is (was) I could be ANYWHERE, not even have access to ANY of my devices, borrow my buddy's phone, quickly install Evernote, log in, and boom! There's all my stuff. And now I can't do that. Unless I pay. And it's not that I don't want to pay. Check out my payment history--those times when I'm really using your product (mainly during my research phases) I get a premium membership. Other times, I'm not really using it so much and I let my subscription lapse. I think this is fair. I've been a huge vocal supporter of your product to the extent that one of the university courses I teach is in novel researching and we devoted two entire days to using Evernote. The text book I wrote for that class (available in Amazon) praises the virtues of using your product. But now, I am going to once again--and with a heavy heart--try out OneNote and see if they come at all closer to you guys in the past few years.. Thanks, sorry for all my negativity, but I feel in cases like this it's important to let you guys know what potential long term effects marketing decisions like this could have. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Michael Hiebert whiterabbit7844@aim.comy
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