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  1. I've been using Evernote forever, and switched to Business for my team a while ago ... I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I never fully got it when my team said that they didn't find Evernote as easy to use as I did when I cajoled them all into using it ... that is until my business account had a meltdown and I had to reconnect everything and I found that the stacks I'd neatly developed were not visible to everyone else!!! WTH??? How is this possible??? What use is Evernote if Stacks don't work in Business??? How is it possible that the Stacks that I, as admin, had carefully created and nurtured were never visible to anyone else but me? No wonder no-one else on my team liked Evernote - it's a total shambles in there with no Stacks to organise Notebooks. I'm better off using Evernote Premium Personal and just sharing my Notebooks. For shame Evernote, for shame. For the amount we pay, I am close to asking for my money back. Such a waste. I am definitely making a huge huge apology to all of my team for asking them to use a confusing jumble of disorganised rubbish that made their jobs harder, not easier.
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