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  1. Turns out I excluded exports from Web Clipper when counting and assumed the surplus was from Trash. I'm happy with the import now. Thanks for that info, guys. My script seems good to go, and I've figured out how to automate it in iCal, but I still am running into difficulty with editing the name of the .enex export to reflect the date it was exported. How do you set the name of each export to something particular in the first place?
  2. Interesting point. I'm pretty sure it is because more notes are being exported than I have outside of Trash. It seems to me that the only way this could be possible is if Trash were included. So this would be, what, set matches to exclude -notebook:trash?
  3. What line of script should I add to exclude notes in "Trash" from the export?
  4. >>Do you get an indication which statement gave the error? Yes. It tells me when I hit run that there is no such file or directory (where I am exporting to), even though it exports .enex files to the intended Dropbox folder just fine each time I run it, despite denying its existence. Would you mind putting that date manipulation in the context of the code I used? I tried it out myself but it's throwing up odd results...
  5. On my script, I changed 'f' to 'tempfile' and ran it. It works, but changing it does not change the name of the .enex file to the current date when exported, unless I'm missing something?
  6. All right, I added /Users/MyName/Dropbox/Evernote backup.enex and it worked, though it still gave me the same error message. Odd. Thanks for your help, it worked this time, though I had typed in that path before... I want the .enex file on Dropbox to bear the name of the date I exported it. Is there a way to set this in the script?
  7. -- PURPOSE: Export all notes in Evernote to an ENEX file so that -- the notes can be backed up to an external drive or to the cloud -- Change the path below to the location you want the notes to be exported set f to " " with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Evernote" -- Set date to 1990 so it finds all notes set matches to find notes "created:19900101" -- export to file set above export matches to f end tell end timeout -- Compress the file so that there is less to backup to the cloud set p to POSIX path of f do shell script "/usr/bin/gzip " & quoted form of p
  8. I moved the script to the Evernote folder under Scripts. But when I open ScriptEditor and type in the path to the location where the notes are to be exported, I receive the message "Evernote got an error: The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied". I want the notes to be exported to Dropbox, so I set the path: Macintosh HD/Users/MyName/Dropbox/Evernote backups. Any idea why I am receiving this message?
  9. Thanks for the info @JMichaelTX. I hope this means that my invisible files are up-to-date; as I said, the Notes I see are older versions and not all my Notes are on there. I looked through your link and I confess I'm out of my depth — it's terribly complicated but if the day comes when I need to understand the Evernote data structure I'll be sure to come back with more questions. Again, would you know if the invisible files are being updated and backed up when I perform a TM backup? I am going to ask a related question on a separate entry but I thought I'd ask it here first. I'm trying to automate Evernote backups to Dropbox as an added precaution beyond using TM. I've read that the Evernote main servers can crash and I do not want to risk losing my Notes. I do manual exports and stick them in Dropbox each month, but I was hoping for a way to automate the process. I came across the following link: http://www.jamierubin.net/2014/08/12/going-paperless-how-and-why-ive-automated-backups-of-my-evernote-data/. This involves changing the volume where I want the export file to reside. I want the exports to reside on Dropbox and I've made the changes on Github, where the script is hosted. But I am unfamiliar with Github and am uncertain of what to do next. Do you, or anyone familiar with Github, know how I might be able to save the changes and run the script on my laptop?
  10. I've browsed through previous discussions on this forum so please read mine carefully before reposting answers from similar questions. When I look through my HD for notes from Evernote that I want backed up to Time Machine (TM), I find most of my notes but not all. As well, some notes claim that the last date I modified them was Dec 2015 when the most recent time I edited them on Evernote was Jan 2016. (These notes are on the _records folder within the com.Evernote.evernote folder). I am concerned because if on 'normal' mode (not TM) I cannot locate where Evernote stores all notes to the HD, then how will I be able to locate them on TM? If Evernote is not storing all notes to the HD for some reason, then how can TM back them up? Might anyone hazard a guess as to why not all my notes are appearing on the HD and how to fix it?
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