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  1. I was implementing some changes based on the feedback that I thought would improve my system. With your projects how do you review all active projects vs all projects? I was using a tag .Active and then I could review by tag. However, this ends up being a bit messy just because I then have to tag the master note with the project ~projecta and then tag with .Active. I have other meta tags for projects but may simplify to just .Active for active projects and anything else doesn't matter.
  2. I did testing annotating the native Evernote Reader(not sure what runs this behind the scenes.) I then opened the PDF I edited in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the text was clear again! It seems that the original quality is preserved somehow. If I had to guess, some kind of compression has to take place for the annotation function, but I'm not sure. Annotating with Evernote and reading in a different app could be a good workaround for some.
  3. For reference, I attached two screen captures of a PDF at 200% zoom. The clear image is with Adobe Acrobat Reader(AAR). The blurry picture is using the annotate function built into the Evernote Windows client. I would think if this was affecting every user then there would be more reports, so maybe currently it's only a subset. I'm also going to see what happens if I annotate the PDF and then open it in AAR to see if the final copy I saved is the blurry, pixelated version.
  4. I also see this issue for what's it worth. Based on this thread it does seem specific to Windows 10, but possibly not all users.
  5. I had a follow-up question on your system. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the above-saved search returns the following: reminderOrder* = any notes with a reminder -reminderTime:day+1 = exclude any notes that have a reminder time in the future (tomorrow to infinity) -reminderDoneTime:* = exclude any notes that have a done time(meaning they have been completed) What I also found is that this will return notes with a reminder set, but no date. With how I use reminders this ends up bringing up notes that I have "pinned" in snippet view with a reminder to make them easily accessible, which is fine but is worth noting for anyone else that wants to use this method. My question was, do you populate enough tasks that have dates set on a specific day to have a good task list to work form? Do you have another saved search that looks a couple of days out if you finish these tasks for the given day?
  6. Thanks for the input, this help a lot. I may migrate to using reminders as I use my system, but knowing that it was a pretty simple transition for you given the scale of notes is reassuring. If you don't use organizational tags for task does that mean your only tags for marking someting as needing an action is a single action tag on the note? Could you give me a couple examples of your action tags? This makes sense if the context of where is not important. In your system do you use where only in your reference notes or is it ommited completely? I was thinking it would be useful for search in some cases.
  7. OK, so it sounds like any note marked as actionable works at scale from your experience. I had thought about using a date based method, but I thought that I would have to come up with several arbitrary dates to make this work, so I left it as general now, soon, later, etc. I'm going to try out a similar project structure, because I don't like how I'm currently doing that, there is too much tagging and untagging to organize projects. I use reminders right now to sync to calendar notes that have specific due dates and I also use them to "pin" important notes in snippet view for reference material. Thanks for the input DTLOw, I referenced a few of your posts when looking at systems to implement.
  8. Hi everyone, I was recently re-vamping how I organized things in Evernote and moved from a notebook based structure to a tag-based one. The goal is to do both task management and keep reference material in Evernote. When I started setting up this structure, I focused on separating my task workflow from my reference workflow. However, as I continue to use this system, I have debated on just keeping my when and where tasks tags and freely marking any of my notes if some action is required. If anyone is doing this, let me know how it is working. I have about 1000 notes right now, and the system seems to be working well, but I want to make sure I'm not missing any gaping holes that will make it hard to find information later when I have many more notes, and it would be harder to restructure. This tag organizational system is already influenced by other tagging systems and users here on the forum(thanks!). My main hang-ups are how to tie projects together efficiently with individual tasks, how to prevent my someday items from clogging up my task list, and if my current reference structure is specific enough to find the information again down the road. I've also been tinkering with the idea of adding context for energy level(ex: high energy tasks/brain dead tasks.) Any ideas and feedback are welcome! I will be adding the structure of my system below. Summary info: Primary Evernote platform: Windows (also use android and web) Notebooks: 6 Tags: ~ 94 Notes: ~983 Notebooks: !nbox Dumping ground Actions Where all tasks live Cabinet Where all reference material lives Completed Where completed tasks live Templates General templates for tasks, projects, meetings, etc Travel Special Notebook just to place notes I want access to offline(since this is done by notebook) Task tags: "." Indicates organization tag for tasks tags. No notes get this tag. .Projects(~) .Active .Complete .Inactive .Master (All projects view) "~" Tag for active projects and can pull reference and tasks notes together. .When("!" and "1-6") !Daily 1-Now 2-Next 3-Soon 4-Someday 5-Waiting 6-Tickler (Added this to move all waiting for tasks with a specific date to the tickler group) Reminder(not a tag) .Where(@) @Home @Work @Errand (Tasks the are done while out and about or need to be done during the 8-5 business day.) .Who <- Wasn't sure how to use this effectively(ended up using arrows to indicate who was responsible) ->john-smith (something I gave john to do) -john-smith> (something john gave me to do) Reference Tags: "+" Indicates organization tag for Reference tags. No notes get this tag. +Scope(s.) s.home s.work s.dog s.health s.health.fitness s.health.bills s.finance +Document(d.) d.bill d.email d.photo d.recipe +Entity(w.) <- can use short first name for well known contacts w.Lastname-Firstname1 w.BUSINESS_NAME w.name1 For more granularity to focus in on a subset of any category and additional "." can be used: Ex: s.work.expenses Ex: s.health.fitness Calendar / Reminders: Sync to google calendar with Cronofy Using this structure workflow notes: Things start in Inbox as a dumping ground and move to reference or tasks Tasks must at minimum have a when tag, but most likely have a when and where tag Reference notes must have at least one tag Saved Searches: I used saved searches to enforce top list view for tasks and snippet view for reference generally I used a saved search to look for notes in reference that don't have a tag and notes in tasks that don't have a when tag I add my task and reference saved searches to shortcuts and they include: Inbox - Notes in Inbox in top list view Actions - Notes in Actions in top list view Home - Notes in Actions with @Home tag in top list view sorted by tag Work - Notes in Actions with @Work tag in top list view sorted by tag Errands - Notes in Actions with @Errand tag in top list view sorted by tag Projects - Notes is all notebooks with any .Active tag(used for active projects) s.topic1 - Notes with a specific scope tag that I use frequently in snippet view Cabinet - All Reference material in snippet view Recent Activities - Recent Notes (any: updated:day-2 created:day-2)
  9. I think Evernote is great for organization and recall. Tagging is very efficient and not something that OneNote implements in the same way and are not searchable. I think both are great products though. I have about 1000 notes at this point, and I know many on the forums have many more. I'm not sure if I could do the same thing in OneNote without it getting unwieldy. -Alan
  10. This is an "Unofficial Manual" that covers a variety of things you can do in Evernote and you can download it as a PDF for reference. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-use-evernote-the-missing-manual-full-text/ I also google my way through a lot of what I need to find. This forum has great detail on some subjects, but I usually hit this forum through a google search.
  11. I had a similar desire and this is what I did. Sort the notebook by preferred method. Then add a undated reminder to "pin" it to the top of the view because the reminders appear there. This has worked great for me. It's worth noting that the reminder list doesn't show up in every view and the view I was referring to is snippet view. If this is a view different then what you are use to, you can create a saved search to enforce this view. Hope that helps!
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