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  1. Scansnap works fine in first account. Maxed out 250 notebooks and added new premium account. Now scanned docs don't show up in new account. First account shows "Shortcuts" and includes, " Scanned Docs, Scanned Photos, Scanned Business Cards". How do I set this up and get scans to show up in new account. Right now they don't show up anywhere in new account?
  2. What a huge disappointment it is to learn that you can't have more than 250 notebooks. Evernote needs to address this and find a solution. I have wasted a lot of time and effort in designing my records around Evernote. I had no idea this was a lightweight application.
  3. Wow, thanks so much. I have been asking for weeks on Windows forums and EN and no one could answer the question. Thank you for your answer. Worked just like you said.
  4. After scanning a doc in Scansnap it use to open with Acrobat. After a recent update now scanned docs open in Microsoft Edge. How do I make Acrobat 9 pro my default program to open scanned docs? Running Windows 10. I have made multiple requests to Evernote without a resolution. Please help.
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