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  1. Gazumped's link shows a workaround to print from an android phone from chrome and it worked for me on my Pixel phone. Here is the answer from that thread. I tried it from OneNote and it did not work. But, overall, I'm more impressed with OneNote and can easily print from my Chromebook or iPad, so I'm moving to OneNote because the Clipper is so much better. We shouldn't have to ask for these basic features. " Hello @vichitravirdwivedi, While this is not an option through the Evernote application directly, you can accomplish printing from your Android device by doing the following: - Set up a Google Cloud Printer and download the Google Cloud Print application from the Google Play Store. - Go into the note you want to print inside of the Evernote application on your Android device. - Once inside the note go up to the top right of the Evernote application and tap on the three dots and the side menu will pop up. - Select Share > Post a link > Copy URL. - Go into Chrome on your device and paste the link in the URL bar and the note should load up after pressing enter. - Tap on the three dots in the right corner and choose Print. - Select the printer and print."
  2. Let us know what you find. One Note's Chrome Clipper is sooooo much better than Evernote's. It clipped cleanly with nice options and printed easily from Chrome on a Chromebook and from Chrome on my iPad. I can do without it on my android phone, although it would be nice. Keep won't let me organize notebooks, so won't work for many things. I do use it for quick notes, though. But, I may be switching to OneNote for that, too, because it is more easily organized. This is the only Microsoft product I've ever liked. Lol. It's not perfect, but better than Evernote.
  3. Recipes. A paper recipe notebook is still the best option for the kitchen. And, sometimes I need to print out something to hand to the doctor. He's not going to read something on my phone. Instead of making us do something they way they want, try adding this simple option because we want it. I just downloaded OneNote this morning and will give it a try. I will spend my time on getting rid of Evernote. I've waited long enough for this simple feature. And, the clipper for Chrome iPad should be improved to have most of the app features. When I clip, why can't I create a new notebook to put it in at the time of clipping? Frustrated. Done.
  4. I have almost quit using Evernote because of this. I keep saving stuff to Evernote, but don't go back to it because I'm also either bookmarking it or saving it to googledocs, which I can print easily from. I suppose I could search out a third party app for printing, but I'll probably use my time to move away from Evernote. Make things work for me easily, or I'll move on.
  5. I need to print from Google Cloud Print on a Chromebook and from my android tablet. Pressing share did not give me that option. There must be a way?! Help.
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