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  1. I have the star icon on my EN home page on my iPhone which is labeled "Shortcuts". When I go that page I see "Recent notes" (3 of them), and "Shortcuts" (all of them) but when I scroll down I don't have a list of Tags. I touch "Edit" at top right and it looks like I can remove shortcuts but don't see a way to add anything. I found the filter under "Notes" that you are talking about. When I select "Today" I end up with the same list of notes that I see when I search for "Today" and touch "Today" under "Tags" on the search results window. Your method has the benefit of showing me the tags that I have created whereas when using "Search" I have to remember the name of the tag I am looking for. Since I am mainly concerned with "Today" when I look at Evernote on my iPhone that isn't too hard to do.
  2. It is January 2017 and Evernote on iOS (my iPhone at least) has changed (Evernote I think there used to be a way to display notes by Tag in EN on iOS but don't see a way to do that now (icons at bottom of screen are now "Notes", "Search", "+" (create a new note), "Shortcuts" and "Account"). I use Tags like I think "AtticusHolmes" (originator of this thread) does: To indicate priority. I have a Tag for "Today", "Next", "Soon", etc. When I'm out and about I want to see what I tagged as "Today". In the new Evernote I didn't see a way to do that. Back in 2014 "cwb" suggested looking at "Search". Sure enough if I search for "Today" in addition to notes that have "Today" in them, below that is my "Today" tag. I touch that (see attached image) and am presented with a list of all notes that are tagged with "Today". I wish there was simply a button at bottom of main page that takes me to tags and I select the one I want to look at...but this will do.
  3. There is no "Settings" in menu bar in Evernote for Windows So where is control for this option hidden these days.
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