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  1. Thanks for pointing out; in Windows version can disable in Tools / Options / Note by unchecking the Start numbered list option. Not sure when this was provided; I am on latest version 6.11.2. Thanks to EN for giving me the option.
  2. Agreed; I would like preference that would disable this auto behavior. Any update on when this preference setting could be incorporated into the Windows version?
  3. Agreed again; I don't want formatted numbers list just because I type a number followed by period and space. Turn it off please. I need my notes to be plain and simple text. When I paste lists with formats (such as auto numbering) into other applications it causes major problems. Please fix it, restore it back to previous behavior (where I could type whatever I want without it starting a keyboard shortcut list, etc.) or at least let me choose as an option.
  4. I agree; would like to be able to control numbered lists. I don't like 1. followed by a space to automatically create a numbered list (or 2. space, etc.). This was not a problem previously. I would just like to be able to keep simple text input that I have control over. Please address in a new release and return to previous simpler functionality or at least provide an option to control auto numbering.
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