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  1. This thread is so comical it is sad. And vice versa. Once they lose all their paid customers just because they removed some basic feature the developers think they don't need, who will be paying for those developers salary? I was almost going to go for the paid subscription with Evernote, but yeah nah, not worth the troubles.
  2. As mentioned by others here, all I want is to have the DEFAULT to be displayed as attachment when dragging a file in a note BUT I still want the ability to right click on one of them later on to change some of them to preview display. Otherwise every time I drag a new file, I have then to click in the note, resize the image to be able to place the cursor on its right, then hit return a few time to get a new line, then scroll down, because the return key does not automatically scroll, so the cursor ends up out of screen, then select the next image I want, and drag it over. Do that 8 times for 8 pictures. Or, open word, drag all your pic AT ONCE in the doc, then attach word in a note. But if I have to use a separate editor to get things done, what is the point really? I might as well use file sync and not use evernote at all.The process is completely illogical -> It should be shown as attachment by default with an option to switch to preview (if that does not make sense to you, I don't think you really used Evernote to attach more than one document). And no, turning the option on and off each time is not acceptable when the logical answer would be just to make things easier by using common sense.
  3. This is the very reason why I am getting read of this ***** software. Evernote was never great for the editor part, but was nice and free. Now it has become a memory hog and the editor functions have not improved. I needed to create a note with 12 pdfs today. Had to drag and drop ONE BY ONE, then had to click on each of them one by one to change the view to attachement. In the meantime, evernote emails saying the condition become more restrictive are piling up in my email account. Every week free users lose features. Now I can tuse any mobile app for free, and it is limited to only two machines. What is next? why not limit it to one machine and compete with notepad? I ll probably migrate to Synology note station soon, which is completely free, not restrictive, has free mobile app, does not require any account, and has a function to import evernotes entire accounts (it took a few hours for me but works perfect. Evernote, you are doomed.
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