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  1. Thanks, Well, Evernote must be aware of this given that the Internet is full of people complaining about it. Hopefully fixed before my eyes completely go.
  2. Changing the font in the Ipadsettings is not a good solution because that is global. Fonts other than Evernote are fine or adjustable (I.e. Kindle) - Evernote is really tiny - yes I am 47 and Really small font is something I don't want. I find it amusing that in this screen editor for the forum you can change font size with a touch of a button but you cannot in Evernote. It seems there isn't a solution - this is a feature that the program needs. edit: I just tried changing global font Sid in "display and brightness" and it doesn't change Evernote.
  3. I cannot figure out how to make the font bigger on my Evernote Premium application on my iPad. The font is too small for me to read comfortably. I am quite sure the solution something easy so apologies in advance
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