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  1. Thank you very much for your help~ It's fixed after the update today~
  2. Restarted …and reinstalled … I tried both. But it's happening again…T_T
  3. Hi, I'm using evernote 7.17 on my iPhone 7 with iOS 10.0.2. When I'm in a note and try to use any functions in the "choose, copy, paste" menu. The evernote will freeze immediately at that moment I call out the menu. This issue is happening for a week ago. Did anybody aware this issue and going to fix it?
  4. Thanks for your reply. In my 6.6.1 version, It won't show the Tom or staff when I search tags:People. I don't know why....
  5. I always categories my note by tag and grouped tags under tags....(eg. People -> staff -> Tom) But I'm facing a problem when I tagged (eg. Tom) a note, I always need to tag (eg. People, staff) the same note by separate step. If I have a bunch of tags which is more layers, it's wasting my time. So, please make an option that I can select how I'm going to tag : tag the whole bunch or a single tag. Thanks.
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