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  1. This is their answer: Evernote Plus has slowly been removed from out check out pages but may still show for some people. Now you will continue to renew into Plus until the subscription is terminated or the payment method is updated.
  2. Good idea, thank you. I wil do and let you know what happens.
  3. My premium subscription expires next month. Today I could downgrade to Plus! No warning that Plus does not exists anymore. We will see what happens..
  4. And what alternate service allows multiple tags for one note? OneNote does not I think.
  5. I removed and reinstalled Evernote on my ipad air, and speed is much better now, almost normal.
  6. OK, but then I do not see the advantages of nested tags. I considered them as folder and subfolders, so search for tag 'Parent' showing all notes 'Parent' and 'Child', and search for tag 'Child' only notes 'Child'.
  7. Thank you! Slightly off topic: do, in nested tags, notes with child tags not automatically get the parent tag as well? I think they do not. I hope my question is clear.
  8. Can I select in the webversion notes, specifying they do contain tags A and B, but NOT C? And other kind of combinations? Thanks.
  9. Can't filter anymore on tags/labels like #2015 or #2016: they do not appear in my tags-list. However, I can add these existing tags to notes. btw: how do I create a new label on ipad?
  10. Slightly off topic: Still having problems with EN on iPad I tried Onenote for IOS: the interface is really impressive! The tabs show clearly alle your tags/labels. Maybe EN 9.0 could have a lay out like ON? :-) However, Onenote on my Android phone and my Linux-PC (web version of Onenote) is very slow.
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