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  1. Thanks, Stuhrer for the answers above. Follow up questions: How can I best choose a place for INBOX to land that's convenient? Right now, it's in my Medical Notebook for some reason. So, wherever that INBOX is found you are saying that it's the default, right??? Thanks! Michael
  2. Hello, 1. I'm new to Evernote (Apple, OSX 10.11.2 El Capitan, Evernote 6.3). I'm trying to create an INBOX where I can dump all new content and sort it out later. However, each time I create INBOX note ... with "Notes" highlighted .... it puts INBOX in one of my existing Notebooks. I want INBOX to be outside of all notebooks as a stand alone Note. (This idea came from an article I read.) Why does it keep putting my new INBOX Note in one ... and apparently only one ... of my existing Notebooks? I'm careful to look at the title bar to be sure it says Notes, not one of my Notebook titles. 2. How come when I click on a Notebook title, "Notes" is then highlighted? This makes no sense because, if you didn't look at the title of the listed notes, you wouldn't know you were in the proper Notebook. I suggest Evernote change this so that when you click on a Notebook, it is highlighted and the list of Notes in that Notebook are then listed. 3. Can I make deeper hierarchy by creating Notes within Notebooks within Notebooks? I see how that would be helpful as I build my Evernote world. Thanks! Michael
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