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  1. Can you add clarity to this? What's your approach, specifically, and tools you like to use? TIA
  2. I came across this thread because I too am really frustrated with EN. The thing is--I love it--for ME. And I am REALLY beginning to see how weak it is in the collaboration/corporate structure. As I'm hiring new VAs and want to share certain notebooks with them--or heaven forbid man, but not all... the process--as I see it/know it--is painstakingly cumbersome. I am completely open to the idea that I am not doing something right, but our setup is basically Company as the stack and departments below. If I want someone to have access to all of the notebooks under one company, I have to manually share each notebook with a person. Originally I thought/hoped I could create a space for the company and then put all of the notebooks in that space and then learned that I cannot pick and choose who has access to what notebooks and they get access to the entire space. So then I thought okay, maybe I can create spaces by the company and by the department, but then I learned a notebook cannot be in two spaces. It seems to me what's really missing is groups. If I could assign users to groups and groups to notebooks that would solve my problem--and/or being able to have a notebook, and notes, of course, in multiple spaces, that may work too. For example. I want my bookkeeper to have access to the finance notebook for all companies. I would put all of the finance notebooks in a "finance" space. And, I want my assistant to have access to all the notebooks in one company, but not all companies, so I would give her access to the one company's space, which also includes the finance notebook mentioned above. It's just so damn cumbersome. I'm unfortunately looking for a new solution because this just isn't working
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