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  1. After the catastrophic release of 8.0 I cancelled my premium account and switched to Bear. Maybe others can tolerate a critical to their workflow app being completely broken for days or weeks, I could not. 

  2. You just don't get it. Claiming that a large user base should avoid updates is laughably absurd. I have auto updates off. An accidental brush of "update all" doomed me. BUT that is irrelevant. THE ENTIRE REASON AUTO UPDATE IS A THING IS THAT IOS APPS SHOULD JUST WORK. So, yes, Evernote is bad. Whoever said 8.0 was ready for release should be fired. And it's not my fault that Evernote shipped a non working product. It's not my fault they removed features I paid for. The only blame I deserve is for trusting Evernote with such important data. A mistake I am no longer making as I canceled my premium membership and moved on.
  3. It would seem to me this is extremely on topic. In essence, some of our criticism is direct criticism of you, and that has to be tiring to read over and over again. I understand some of your frustration now. I guess I would say it this way: hear us. Those of us who built our workflows around Evernote have found the 8.0.x upgrade extremely damaging. Features that many of us used frequently have been removed. We now have an interface that devotes substantial real estate to five buttons, and an interface that makes designers cringe when they look at it on an ipad with a data connection. The day I accidentally updated my ipad to 8.0 I found myself paralyzed in meetings. I couldn't get the information I needed. Things didn't work and I was seriously compromised. By version 8.0.4 the app kinda works, but it's still slower and not as good as 7.x while not perceivably better in any way, shape or form. Ultimately I spent hours researching other options and then hours moving to another product, All because whoever you work for didn't allow the time for people like yourself to do the work necessary to properly test the app. Weeks to get to "kinda works" is simply not ok for a professional product. This isn't a game that is buggy with a bunch of complaining teenagers for customers. This is something we use(d) all day every day for our livelihoods. Of course we are going to be upset.
  4. I'm with you. What I wish for is an apology from the CEO and an immediate revert to 7 for all users. Then spend however long it takes to properly develop AND TEST version 8 including all of the features they dropped. My point was I'm as baffled by this release as I was by then"let's take a high end video editing product and focus it on creating low end internet video" release from Media100. In their case they needed the upgrade revenue to stay afloat and nobody bought the upgrade. They went into bankruptcy shortly thereafter and never recovered. Evernote needs the premium revenue to stay afloat and they have alienated many premium users including myself. A month ago I was one of Evernote greatest advocates. But it's been taken away from me and I'm mad. And because some of the features, particularly presentation mode, are "not coming back" there is no chance I will "learn to love the new" product.
  5. I switched to Bear. I don't like it as much as I liked Evernote 7, but it works better than Evernote 8, costs only $15 a year, and does pretty much everything I need. I miss presentation mode, but in their infinite wisdom Evernote removed that from 8 anyway so it's not really a loss. The last time I remember a release missing the mark this badly was Media 100 7i. That failure sank the company. It removed features, was buggy and focused on things their customer base didn't care about. Sound familiar?
  6. Because it's uh....better! Because it is version 8, or something. Radical redesign! Features? Who needs 'em! Testing? We don't need no stinking testing! 8 is great! Er, 8.0.1 is great! I meant 8.0.2 is great! Um, sorry, got s bit confused, 8.0.3 is great! Uh, yeah, so what I meant was 8.0.4 is great! Of course the real problem is that once they are done using their entire user base as alpha testers, the features we actually relied on are still gone.
  7. I don't know why I still check in on this forum, maybe I am the type that likes watching a train wreck. 8.0.3 fixed the search problem but it was a week too late. I have moved on to Bear. I don't like it as much as I liked Evernote 7, but it works and it's faster than Evernote 8 which has glacial performance on the latest hardware. The downside is that it is apple only, so if you aren't all in on that ecosystem, it's not a suitable replacement. But it's way better than one note at managing notes. Utterly baffled by the 8 release. It feels like it was pushed out months too soon with no understanding of how the customers actually use the product. When you build a product that is meant to be the core of people's workflow, you can't push out a release that doesn't work. They needed to pull the 8.0 release immediately and revert to 7. Astonished they have not yet done so. This is affirming my decision to move on.
  8. Ok, this is listed under "What's not coming back" on the 8.0.2 update announcement. I have canceled my premium subscription auto-renew and moved on to Bear. Cheers all! UB - Out
  9. At this point I can't even edit notes. I have imported everything into Bear and am testing it. I don't care about Android or Windows so it's a good option for me. I am astonished Evernote would release something this buggy and incomplete. I need a way to install Evernote 7 and actually get work done ASAP, or I am moving on. This is actively disrupting my job. This is shameful.
  10. Some of the features removed, presentation mode most specifically, are limited to premium subscribers. So this update removed a feature many of us rely on **and pay for**.
  11. Fact: Evernote 8 removes functionality that paying users rely on daily Fact: Evernote 8 has bugs in significant features like search Fact: This update has proved HIGHLY disruptive to the workflow of some of your customer base Please release the latest version of 7 as a separate "Evernote 7" download from the app store. This is **URGENT** for some of us. I did not mean to update to 8 yet, but it happened with an absentminded click of update all. Now Evernote on my iPad is functionally useless to me. For me the broken search is a show stopper, but others cannot even launch the app yet. The loss of "Present" with no promise to return also severely hampers how many of your paying customers use your app. Giving us a way to download Evernote 7 shows you care about our ability to do the work we need to accomplish over your desire to drive all customers to the latest version. Show us you care about your customers. Make this happen.
  12. The loss of presentation mode is disastrous. I used this frequently. I literally noticed it within minutes of opening Evernote 8. The interface looks goofy with a black bar at the left of the screen cutting the carrier name at the top in half. Easy fix, please do it. Search is utterly broken. I can't select documents that I search for. At this point I am actively trying to figure out how to downgrade to 7 and am trying the OneNote import for all of my content from Evernote. My workflow has been severely disrupted.
  13. Seriously, if this decision is final please say so and we'll head elsewhere. This is a terrible, terrible idea. It sounds like you have no idea why people used this.
  14. The interface for Evernote 8 on the iPad looks like a bug. Seriously. The black bar bisecting the "T-Mobile" at the top of the screen is extremely bad design. A simple fix: carry the thin strip of white across to make that readable. WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO REMOVE PRESENT??? I use this ALL THE TIME in meetings and when I need to speak and am using evernote as my notes. I am honestly baffled as to what I will do from here. Telling me it works on the mac is the funniest comment ever. Excuse me while I drag my computer to the front of the room, plug it in, fire it up, and then hold it's entire bulk in my hands to speak from... Search is now utterly useless since I can't select anything. I keep many documents in evernote that I need to access in meetings etc. I find them by a quick search. Now I can't select them or use them, making evernote almost useless to me. In one update Evernote has literally gone from my most useful app to something I am considering deleting and cancelling. To recap: (1) The interface across the top on the iPad looks like a mistake (2) Many of us use present frequently. Removing it from IOS is unacceptable. (3) Search doesn't work. (4) This makes Evernote useless. Joel
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