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  1. Thanks. Did just that. Strangely the MacOS version jumps from 10.14.7 to 10.15.6. Had to download the delta installer from Evernote directly and reinstall. Strange behaviour with iOS app versions. Go to my App store and look at Evernote version and it just has the "Open" button and not the newest version, but if I search for it in the App store as if "new" it shows update. Weird. Ciao
  2. How does one activate the Task feature?
  3. Title says it all. Unable to restrict search forums to version 10 & higher group only. Spotlight not working with Evernote. MacOS 10.14.6 Evernote 10.1.7
  4. You know what... I am so pleased you wrote back with such detail. I am so grateful. You my friend have an inside track!! I am with you… I absolutely do not want to switch!! But oh my gosh I can only take so much. I seriously hope these bugs get quashed. I cannot tell you how many of my students and residents I have converted to Evernote and I hate to see feature bloat and bugs that don't get fixed for years. Thanks @bo12 Enjoy your weeknd 🙏
  5. I will give you a COVID free high five my friend 🤟! Just like Google search BUT, with the excuse of RTFM… I did not see it listed in their search syntax page. I was searching by page for "NOT". Good catch. Thank you. ☮️
  6. Been a premium user since 2009 and stuck with Evernote through thick and thin… even the awful version they introduced and then replaced. App refresh when switching between apps for a notebook that is LOCAL to my iOS device should NOT refresh and take me from my spot in the note back to the top of the note after a 3 s delay!!! Come on guys… get this fixed!!! Why does the iOS app NOT remember state when app switching???? If I have a long note and have a search box open looking for something and it's 3 pages in, why when I switch between apps and then back again does the screen go blank, 3 seconds later the note pops up again at the top of the note? Maddening And while I'm ranting… DO NOT use Evernote to take notes. Made this mistake with my fancy Apple Pencil at a conference. My iPad screen locked and Evernote refreshed and my notes were all gone. Reproduced this multiple times. It didn't save any of my notes!!! Surely this needs to be fixed. ☮️
  7. Subject pretty much says it all… has any of the gurus found a way to do a search with NOT or NOR as an operator? Thanks
  8. I would like again to thank both of you for being on these forums and providing the service you do. Interestingly, tech support was able to reproduce the issue on Mac and iOS that I was suffering from! It’s been moved up the line to engineer level support. I will report back on the fix/issue when I know more. Cheers.
  9. No sir. Been using EN since 2009. I do know the difference between search and find in note. Hence my listing my KB shortcut CMD-OPT-F.
  10. Thank you both for your replies. To clarify, I was using the MacOS version of Evernote and searching (CMD-OPT-F) for text that was in a title. Note title is "iSmartGate ..." Search could not find "gate" or "smart." Search ONLY worked when I typed "ismart" Tech support had me re-create the Spotlight Index. Thought I waited for the indexing to complete and searched again. Search did not return expected result again. Created a new note on iOS device with the same word in it and let it sync. Search on Mac platform then was able to successfully pull the word fragment. Still don't understand it.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I upvoted that prior thread "tonychung" to make it "1" Am I out of touch to think that a search function like this seems completely normal?
  12. Second that. Why can the search function not parse the text out of a title and find fragments? If my title is "ismarthome" and I search all notebooks for "smart" it will never find the note. What is the point in having a search function that expects you to remember the exact phrase you typed if you are trying to use search to find it??? And do not even get me started on the fact every other time I switch out of iOS Evernote and then back in, it has to refresh and reload the screen EVEN though I have downloaded my entire notebook. Why? Long time user. Just not an entirely trusted repository if I cannot rely on it to have an effective search function and then editing notes and switching back and forth, it loses connectivity or loses all your Apple Pencil scribblings you just took from a meeting.
  13. Kind of immaterial if you are using it more. The point is Premium users should not have something foisted upon them without any warning or notice. The new iOS format is not hideous but now I have to relearn the GUI that I have routinely paid Premium for lo these many years. And the fact the iOS bug always asking you for iTunes password has basically made the iOS version worthless. Support says they're working on it.
  14. Second this for a feature request! Outstanding find @eNoteUser2
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