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  1. This is ridiculous: this is a simple request that has been posted for three years (an eternity in the programing world) and it still hasn't been addressed? I've tried the workaround of resorting images to get one to be the preview and it's not working. I have almost a thousand patterns that I want to catalog, and I want the pic of the front of each pattern to be the one that shows on the card so I can scan through them quickly for the one I want. Not being able to select which one sticks as the preview without editing every picture and then futzing around with the order they're pasted in makes EN a total waste of my time. And here I was ready to upgrade, hoping that it was at least an option in the paid versions. Glad I searched the community first -- no thanks to EN support for not being there for the free users. Time to clear my hardrive of a useless program.
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