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  1. Have observed the same problem. Using a SnapScan direct into EN. Sometimes the PDF file text is at an angle, or has no OCR. So we run Optimize via Adobe Acrobat-Pro. Frequently, this resolves the problem Ok. But on other occasions the PDF become very degraded (scrambled) with this process. Don't know why, but would appreciate a solution.
  2. The suggested TimeLine view would be different from the Apple Calendar app. More for Diary /Journaling Activities & Documents (past) uses, rather than Scheduling Appointments (future). There are already some Add-Ons that take Evernote Reminders into OS-X Calendar. Evernote -> Sort by Creation Date is a good start. Thou that field typically needs to be changed to match the actual date of a scanned document. Some other systems have a "Document Date" field - Eg. For a bank statement or bill. Unfortunately, the dates are reset when importing Pdfs into Evernote. For example, if a user wanted to view all Evernote Activity, Cards, Receipts etc for this week last year. It would be far easier to have a visual representation in TimeLine or Calendar format - rather than just a list. Lots of other uses will follow. Eg. If the user wanted to quickly see if a Bank Statement is missing (a gap in the Calendar view). Or how much activity there had been on a Project over time (maybe looking at multiple months). Etc.
  3. A Calendar facility would be most useful. To be able to chose a specific week for example, and see all Evernote elements tagged with that date-range. There are Apps that link a few reminders to external calendars. But nothing that generates a timeline for all Notes. Hopefully, soon.
  4. Version 6.2.1 (452715 App Store). Should OS-X Spotlight be working Ok in this (App-Store) version? Or is it still necessary to make the switch over to Direct download? Also, what causes this problem - And are there any other significant differences between the two forks? Thanks.
  5. Duplicate detection of similar Evernotes would be useful. Especially when trying to scan, enter & process large stacks of unsorted archival (paper) documents. Likewise with bulk (pdf, digital) imports from other applications. Thou perhaps not essential, given the alternatives. There are a bunch of separate Mac Apps that run Duplicate Detection over any chosen directory in OS-X, but they require Spotlight to run. And I've read that Spotlight does not work in the Apple Appstore version of Evernote - But that it does work with the Direct Download version. Is this correct? Forgive the ignorance, new to this /forum. Also, I agree with RikWallin about the Paperless application. We used it a lot years ago. Then the original developer was taken over by Mariner Software, and has gone downhill ever since. Getting slower & slower, with only occasional updates. Shame.
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