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  1. I use the same workaround, but it's a process every time. And of course it's not live /bidirectional, so there's additional effort required with any EN edit. ... And yes, TimeLine and Spreadsheet are different Views - but quite similar in Methodology. Let's hope the EN developers are interested.
  2. A TimeLine View, or Integrated Spreadsheet, Option would be most useful to a lot of EN users, not just Researchers. And it's something that a lot of EN competitors /alternatives are already offering (eg. Notion/So). Very much hope this functionality is being considered & developed. Imho - It would add some valuable, additional utility to En.
  3. Thanks. Was hoping for a local, Evernote solution, rather than the global pdf-open (all apps) setting. But that still works Ok for testing.
  4. Thx DTLow. On several platforms, but the main ones are Mac devices - MacBook-Pro & iMac.. Running macOS 10.15.
  5. Been using Adobe Acrobat-Pro with Evernote for some time. But with the release of Apple macOS Catalina, we need to switch to an alternative. Is there any info on integrating PDFelement-Pro (from Wondershare)? Are there any known issues/problems? And how can this be made the default PDF editor for Evernote?
  6. Mohiomap was a great concept, but it's not been functional or responsive for several months or more. However, it's still listed in the Evernote App Center (under Web Apps). Perhaps it should be removed.
  7. Have observed the same problem. Using a SnapScan direct into EN. Sometimes the PDF file text is at an angle, or has no OCR. So we run Optimize via Adobe Acrobat-Pro. Frequently, this resolves the problem Ok. But on other occasions the PDF become very degraded (scrambled) with this process. Don't know why, but would appreciate a solution.
  8. The suggested TimeLine view would be different from the Apple Calendar app. More for Diary /Journaling Activities & Documents (past) uses, rather than Scheduling Appointments (future). There are already some Add-Ons that take Evernote Reminders into OS-X Calendar. Evernote -> Sort by Creation Date is a good start. Thou that field typically needs to be changed to match the actual date of a scanned document. Some other systems have a "Document Date" field - Eg. For a bank statement or bill. Unfortunately, the dates are reset when importing Pdfs into Evernote. For example, if a user wanted to view all Evernote Activity, Cards, Receipts etc for this week last year. It would be far easier to have a visual representation in TimeLine or Calendar format - rather than just a list. Lots of other uses will follow. Eg. If the user wanted to quickly see if a Bank Statement is missing (a gap in the Calendar view). Or how much activity there had been on a Project over time (maybe looking at multiple months). Etc.
  9. A Calendar facility would be most useful. To be able to chose a specific week for example, and see all Evernote elements tagged with that date-range. There are Apps that link a few reminders to external calendars. But nothing that generates a timeline for all Notes. Hopefully, soon.
  10. Version 6.2.1 (452715 App Store). Should OS-X Spotlight be working Ok in this (App-Store) version? Or is it still necessary to make the switch over to Direct download? Also, what causes this problem - And are there any other significant differences between the two forks? Thanks.
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