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  1. Just to follow up with everyone about my Evernote space limitations. I was having a problem with Evernote being one of the top 3 memory hogs on my very storage-constrainted Nexus S. I read somewhere that the Android team reconsidered their storage architecture, and decided that their way forward was to model all storage as one "internal" volume, rather than split it into "internal" and "external" storage. They would recommend that future devices have storage hardware structured this way. A few months ago, I bought a 64GB Nexus 6P device. All the storage is "internal". The result: Evernot
  2. Hi, gazumped, I appreciate the reply. To clarify one point, you wrote: That's not quite correct. The 27 MB is data, not app. The full stats are: Total: 88.98 MB App: 10.39 MB USB Storage app: 29.47 MB Data: 48.50 MB USB Storage data: 640 KB. It is infuriating that the "Data" part, which was indeed 27MB yesterday evening, has leapt back up to 48+MB. I did not add a lot of content; I think the only edit I made was to add about 10 characters to one text note. I just went to the Evernote for Android app, Settings..., Search and Storage... and pressed "Clear local search history" and "Cl
  3. I too am having serious limitations to my use of Evernote because of a) the data being stored in internal memory, and the data being so damn large. I have 43 notes in two Evernote notebooks. Almost all fo the notes are just text. The occasional photo in some notes. No large PDF documents and the like. Android's "App Info" tells me that Data is 27.2 MB. That is something over 500KB per note! In the meantime, I have 11 GB free on USB storage. Evernote is consistently one of the three biggest users of storage in my heavily storage-constrained Android device, a Nexus S. It is close to
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