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  1. I can only imagine how much of their customer base has left. I too will be switching to OneNote. I'll never support a company with such disregard and contempt for their customer base.
  2. The most frustrating thing of all is the arrogance and lack of response from EV. Just shameful, good example of how to kill off a business. None of us would treat our paying customers this way. We are reasonable people for the most part. Tell us it will be fixed in a week and we move on. No communication tells us you could care less about your customers. As many have replied, looking for other options and one will rise to the top quickly. $$$ on the ground just waiting to be picked up.
  3. This is a good example to have a better option and not get caught with our pants down again. Should have stayed with the big guys, less options but works.
  4. Terrible...pitiful update. Nothing is better. In some was worse. Login all the time, slow, jumpy, hangs up. Anyone find a better option please post. I am done...
  5. This password issue sucks asssss.. 10 times today...over and over and over and over.. Evernote you SUCK!
  6. The password issue is insane. I'm looking for a replacement. This is stupid....dont have time for this.
  7. Does anyone know why it constantly ask me to log-in every day???? On top of all the other issues...I have about had it with this mess. Last try Everynote. There are way too many other options out there to keep releasing junk.
  8. Thanks Makker...I finally got it to work, just kept trying things. I suspect it is some Evernote and mostly junk windows 10.
  9. Still an issue, did not start till Evernote did the update. Please fix, dont have time to trouble shoot it for you guys. \
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