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  1. The shortcut is a standard Evernote shortcut. Ie notes in notebook1 with any of tags [a1, a2, a3]. For that list of notes I want to report on tags [b1, b2...] Creating a list of notes of b1 is not useful as I'm back to reporing on a1 etc. Same problem. Do you have an example of how applescript can help pull this information out of Evernote into either plain text or CSV?
  2. Evernote Version 6.9.1 OSX: 10.11.6 I have a shortcut that outputs a list of notes with following columns: title, tags, created. I need to create a report based on this information. Excel/GoogleSheets appears to be best way of producing this report, hence I need THIS list of notes, output to Excel/CSV with just the fields above. I tried getting a developer token and writing to the SDK / API, but this ended up opening its own can of worms. Since Evernote doesn't seem to have any reporting capabilities (plugin/addon suggestions welcome), or suggestions of the sort "select All, Ctrl-C/V" only appear to work on the Windows client, is this something anyone has found a way of doing?
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