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  1. I faced a very annoying bug with the new version on windows. Not sure if the exact steps would reproduce it but here's what I did 1) Downloaded a PDF copy from Google Docs Spreadsheets. It was in landscape mode 2) Dragged the PDF to the Evernote and it worked as expected 3) But after that for any note that I added, the note preview pane remained stuck on the Google spreadsheet. 4) Double clicking on the note also didn't show the PDF file. The note info does show an attachment. The note list pane itself shows the preview thumbnail correctly 5) The attachment also didn't appear on Android evernote I deleted the google spreadsheet note and all notes created after it, restarted the machine and Evernote is back to normal
  2. Copying from evernote to Outlook causes additional line breaks to be added. Sometimes more than one line break is added
  3. Do you have have any plans to include a format painter in the future versions?
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