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  1. Thanks, Friends. I kinda thought that's the way it worked but with having so much info in my Evernote.... just being cautious. Thanks again! .\Mark
  2. Question: Evernote is installed on a Desktop, MacbookAir, iPad & Iphone. How does the uninstall/reinstall get the notebook/notes back? Importing from the backup I created or does it just sync with the Evernote Cloud? What concerns are there with syncing with Evernote installed on the laptop? --- On Mac i7, OS Sierra 10.12.6. --- I've been having issues with speed getting the iOS Pinwheel when I'm marking, copying or just moving the cursor so I thought I'd try uninstalling & Reinstalling. --- I have backed up all notes, Saved the activity log... now ready to do the uninstall/reinstall but have a question before I pull the trigger. Thanks -Mark
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